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Ship Designer
by tdewitt274
10 hours ago
Playing with chroma key
by Boywundyrx
11 hours ago
Any fan-rated Starblazer ...
by Boywundyrx
08-16-2017, 02:01 PM
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06-27-2017, 11:15 PM
Moderator's Purge the Spa...
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06-10-2017, 12:02 AM
MTV Campaign - Unkulunkul...
by Tom McCarthy
05-12-2017, 04:31 PM
NW Atlanta, GA
by Karelian Suomi
04-25-2017, 02:23 AM
New Here
by Karelian Suomi
04-25-2017, 02:21 AM
Pennsylvania, Philadelphi...
by dmcgee1
04-17-2017, 02:21 PM

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Brick Ship Designer
Posted by: tdewitt274 - Yesterday, 01:15 AM - Forum: Your Works - Replies (4)

Hello All,

I know there are a few out there, but I'm in the process of making an online ship designer.  Mostly as a exercise in web design skills that will eventually lead to another project I have in mind.

I have a good start on the process, but wanted to make sure I have all the rules for reference.  Would anyone be able to point me to any books I may be leaving out?

  • Silent Death: The Next Millennium
  • Warhounds
  • Kashmere Commonwealth
  • Operation Drydock: Volume II
EDIT:  Based on responses:

  • Space Junk
  • Sigurd Archdiocese 

  • Hostile Takeover

  • ASP Technocracy

  • Yoka Shan

  • Q'raj Void Protectorate

  • House Colos
Thanks in advance!


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Photo Playing with chroma key
Posted by: Karpav1 - 08-15-2017, 11:13 PM - Forum: Techniques - Replies (3)

While taking some pictures of recent ship paints the other day, I thought I'd try experimenting with some chroma keyed backgrounds to make it easier to pop in a star-field background so I thought I'd share the results.

     I'll start off by saying I'm an extreme neophyte when it comes to all things cameras, and my equipment is cheap. My camera is a Samsung WB35F. My lights are just what I use to paint with.

     To start off, I grabbed a chroma key of the traditional green and blue varieties from an image search and set up a little area on my table to snap some shots. Since I paint my miniatures on toothpicks and stick that in a rubber eraser to hold, it made getting a good '45 degrees down' angle easy without having to fuss with raising the camera too much.

[Image: ffY5Y1m.jpg]  
I taped parchment paper to my lamp to act as a diffuser because there was some glare.

I then proceeded to fill up my memory card snapping pics using different ISO settings and just about every other setting to see if they made a noticeable difference.
[Image: r1RbqKY.jpg]

Three-quarters of the way through I remembered to paint the toothpick to see if that would make it easier to key out later (it did a little).

[Image: NXBUig1.jpg]
Because of the yellow scheme on the scorpion, I shot it in front of blue as well...
[Image: bxMupel.jpg]
This was actually closer to the original color (but a bit too bright) and I was able to blend both in layers to best match up the color of the actual model.

The rest is just a matter of removing the backdrop and adding a background in your editor of choice.
[Image: 6W2YOZL.jpg]Of note is the colored light from the chroma key bleeding onto the miniature. A little color bleed is to be expected, but I think I had my miniatures too close to the monitor and got some excessive color bleed, so I just adjusted the background to make it appear like it's a natural effect of the light cast by the nebula in this deep pocket of space. Works for me!
[Image: fPYKxRs.png]
I added ship names in 'Silent Death font' (Napoli-Serial-Heavy), and factions to my images, threw them in a folder and have my desktops rotate between my painted ships since they're stuck in a box most of the time.
[Image: BITjrZ3.png]
[Image: uZGt4Dh.png]
I added in some ship debris and light effects for fun to the scavenging Scorpion II, but in hindsight, the lights probably emit from those pits on either side of the observation window. I'll have to correct that.
[Image: DddsKpR.png]

     I think they turned out pretty well for a first attempt... kind of remind me of old model box art. It makes for a nice way to present the ships. I'm wondering if I could pull off a space battle with multiple ships, pulse lasers, torps, explosions and the rest. That would be interesting considering I normally don't detail the undersides of ships (for shame right?) but would have to for the odd angles required in a multi-ship composition.

     Hope you enjoyed my experiment. If you have any ideas or suggestions that might improve the quality, I'd be happy to hear them. The camera just AMPLIFIES every mistake and makes something that looks tight to my naked eye look like a mess when enlarged, so I try to reduce them down in size as much as I can to counter that effect. I've even started to check my work with a magnifying lens while painting to see if any adjustments that would show up in pictures should be done while I have that color mixed & wet. Any minor surface blemishes get corrected with the clone tool.

     House Colos ships (2x Salamander HCR/2x Death Wind HCR) for an upcoming game vs the Sigurd ships posted here are painted up and ready to photograph just as soon as squadrons of Pit Viper II's & Thunderbirds get done in Sigurd/Colos colors respectively. I'll throw them all up soon* in the "Your Works' section.

     Is there any interest for quick tutorials on:

  • making asteroids from Sculpey
  • torpedo marker stands using wooden hex bases, toothpicks, & beads
  • ship debris counters
Most of it's been done before, and I'm not breaking much new ground technique-wise, but if you're like me, maybe you just like reading tutorials for ideas? I'll snap some pics accompanied by wordy text on any of these topics if desired.

     What I'm looking for: Does anybody have any good 3D space mine counter techniques they'd like to share? I've been scouting small buttons, but haven't settled on anything yet. I'm waiting for news of the future release of a 'Coridian Crisis' supplement and want to be READY with those QVP minefields when it drops sometime in the not too distant future...  cackles in Evil Midnight Minelayer What Mines at Midnight:
[Image: FL0mFud.jpg]
"And so he says to me, he says, “You want to be a baaaaad guy?!” and I say, “Yeah, baby! I want to be bad!” I says, “Surf's up, Space Ponies! I'm making gravy without the lumps!” Ah ha ha ha ha haaaaa!"

Until next time: Be good to your maintenance crews and may the reverberations of your quad splatterguns not disturb any Clutchworlds in your sector (but if they do, pass along any intel on them maggots! )

* not to be confused with: soon, /so͞on/ adj. 1. in or after a short time. More the Sloth "soon   ...ish" meme variety     ...Ya know.

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  Any fan-rated Starblazer fighters?
Posted by: Boywundyrx - 08-15-2017, 06:05 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

I picked up the cool Mecha Colle Starblazer/Space Battleship Yamato fighters last year and have been collection potential opponents from Shapeways (and one F-Toys Viggen in gaudy colours) to rate up as pirates until someone comes out with proper opponents in the same scale.

Anyway, just yesterday I committed to running them using Silent Death at a small games con in six weeks, so now I have some painting and some rating to do!  I passed on doing my SD Star Wars game as a massive X-Wing tourney is running the next day at the con.

Anyone ever rated the Cosmo Tigers (I, II, two and three-person crews), Cosmo Zero, and Black Tiger?  I have some stats from the fleet game rules and source books, but was curious as to what speed and other ratings people used as their baselines.


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  MTV Campaign - Unkulunkulu vs. Luches Utopia
Posted by: Tom McCarthy - 05-12-2017, 04:31 PM - Forum: Battle Reports - No Replies

After enjoying an Astrosmash at a small convention (GZG ECC XX) I decided to dust off my Silent Death ships and run a narrative campaign using the rules from More Than Valour.  I generated a cluster of planets using Diaspora RPGs mechanics, and decided they would be Unkulunkulu territory threatened by Luches Utopia.
Here’s an example of the notes I’m keeping for a campaign game.  Note that while I generated 2 wings for UA and 3 for LU, pilots and crew only get names from the campaign’s players (so it’s a bit inconsistent).
Scenario 1
Elements from Unkulunkulu Archipelago unit The Pearl Divers (PD) encountered elements of Luches Utopia conscript unit Angels of Sorrow (AS) in the asteroid belt of the Washata system. Both sides had just a few veterans leading a lot of green or rookie pilots and the exchange of fire was generally indecisive, though the low quality Luches fighters did manage to drive off the Unkulunkulus. Ominously, none of the destroyed Luches fighters managed to eject a life pod…

Both sides achieved the objective of having a survivor exit the board to carry news of the conflict to base. (4 XP to each survivor.)

Elements of Unkulunkulu Archipelago’s Pearl Divers (SPAC wing)
All Lone Wolves
Talon 1 (Plt 5, Gnr 5, Tough Guy 1)
Talon 2 (Plt 6, Gnr 5)
Talon 3 (Plt 3, Gnr 3)
Talon 4 (Plt 4, Gnr 3)
Spirit Rider II 1 (Plt 6, Gnr 8)
Spirit Rider II 2 (Plt 4, Gnr 4)
Spirit Rider II 3 (Plt 4, Gnr 3)
Spirit Rider II 4 (Plt 4, Gnr 3)
Elements of Luches Utopia’s Angels of Sorrow (SPAC wing, conscripts)
All Lone Wolves and Hyenas
Shark 3 (Plt 7, Gnr 8, Quick Draw 1)
Dart 1 (Plt 7, Gnr 6)
Dart 2 (Plt 3, Gnr 3)
Dart 3 (Plt 4, Gnr 4)
Dart 4 (Plt 4, Gnr 4)
Blizzard LUR 1 (Plt 7, Gnr 5, Con Artist 1)
Blizzard LUR 2 (Plt 3, Gnr 3)
Blizzard LUR 3 (Plt 3, Gnr 3)
Blizzard LUR 4 (Plt 3, Gnr 3)
Pit Viper T 1 (Plt 2, Gnr 1)
Pit Viper T 2 (Plt 2, Gnr 1)

Pearl Divers development
PD Talon 1 (Larry Trainor) hits AS Blizzard LUR 3 for 1 damage. Larry hits AS Pit Viper 1 for 8 damage, destroying it. (1 luck, 8 XP)
PD Talon 2 (Ben Bigbeegun Beckwith) (4 XP)
PD Talon 3 (Charles Cooper) hits AS Blizzard LUR 1 for 7 damage. Talon 3 is destroyed, and Charles Cooper taken captive. (6 XP)
PD Talon 4 (Danny Street) hits AS Blizzard LUR 2 for 1 damage. Danny hits AS Dart 2 for 3 damage. Danny hits AS Pit Viper 1 for 2 damage. Danny hits AS Blizzard 2 for 3 damage. (12 XP)
PD Spirit Rider II 1 (Irene Atherby) wins initiative on turn 1. Irene hits AS Pit Viper 2 for 8 damage. Irene wins initiative on turn 4 and 5. (9 XP)
PD Spirit Rider II 2 (Jack Schitt) destroys AS Blizzard LUR 3 with a critical hit. Jack hits AS Dart 4 for 13 damage and that Dart is later destroyed. (3 luck, 11 XP)
PD Spirit Rider II 3 (Kalista) hits AS Dart 4 for 2 damage, destroying it. (6 XP)
PD Spirit Rider II 4 (Lance Lumiere) safely ejects but is taken captive by Luches Utopia. (4 XP)

Angels of Sorrow development
AS Shark 3 (Commissar Silas Sebastian Stapleton the 6th) hits PD Spirit Rider II 4 for 13 boxes. That Spirit Rider is later destroyed. Silas hits PD Talon 3 for 13 damage. Silas hits PD Spirit Rider II 1 for 4 damage. Silas hits PD talon 2 for 13 damage. Silas hits PD Spirit Rider II 3 for 5 damage. (1 luck, 14 XP)
AS Dart 1 (Easy Porkins) wins initiative on turn 2. Easy hits PD Talon 3 for 4 damage. (7 XP)
AS Dart 2 (Angel Tank) hits PD Spirit Rider II 3 for 1 damage. Angel hits PD Talon 3 for 2 damage. Angel hit Talon 3 for 1 damage. (10 XP)
AS Dart 3 (Ian Kill) hits PD Spirit Rider II 4 for 1 box, destroying it. Ian hits PD Talon 3 for 9 damage. Ian hits PD Talon 3 for 3 damage. (10 XP)
AS Dart 4 is destroyed. No life pod.
AS Blizzard LUR 1 (Howard Wolowitz) wins initiative on turn 3. Howard hits PD Talon 3 for 3 damage. (7 XP)
AS Blizzard LUR 2 (4 XP)
AS Blizzard LUR 3 is destroyed. No life pod.
AS Blizzard LUR 4 (4 XP)
AS Pit Viper 1 is destroyed. No life pod.
AS Pit Viper 2 (4 XP)

Experience Spent - Scenario 1

Angels of Sorrow
Silas Sebastian Stapleton the 6th raises his pilot skill to 8 and gains Hangs Fire 1.
Howard Wolowitz raises his pilot skill to 8 and his gunner skill to 6.
Raj Koothrapali raises his pilot skill to 4 and his gunner skill to 4.
Sheldon Cooper raises his pilot skill to 4 and his gunner skill to 4.
Easy Porkins raises his pilot skill to 8.
Angel Tank raises his pilot skill to 4 and his gunnery skill to 5.
Ian Kill raises his gunnery skill to 5.
Oarkins raises his pilot skill to 3 and his gunnery skill to 4.

Pearl Divers
Irene Atherby raises her piloting skill to 7.
Jack Schitt raises his gunnery skill to 6.
Kalinda raises her gunnery skill to 5.
Lance Lumiere raises his gunnery skill to 4.
Larry Trainor raises his piloting skill to 6 and his gunnery skill to 6.
Bigbeegun Beckwith raises his gunnery skill to 6.
Charles Cooper raises his piloting skill to 4 and his gunnery skill to 4.
Danny Street raises his gunnery skill to 6.

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  New Here
Posted by: ironnerd - 04-22-2017, 05:43 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Greetings all.
I'm new to the forum, fairly new to the game. I have been playing about a year, and have found it to be a very enjoyable game and much more playable than the Star Trek games I have played in the past.

Not sure what I'll learn or even chat about here, but it's always good to find nerds of a feather.


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  NW Atlanta, GA
Posted by: ironnerd - 04-22-2017, 04:21 PM - Forum: Gamers Seeking Gamers - Replies (1)

We have a gaming group that meets on Thursdays at the Raven's Nest in Marietta.

We play pretty much every game that comes out way, but we do enjoy Silent Death from time to time.

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  Pennsylvania, Philadelphia area.
Posted by: dmcgee1 - 04-17-2017, 02:21 PM - Forum: Gamers Seeking Gamers - No Replies

Name:  Dave McGee
Location: Norwood, PA, 19074

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  Night Brood
Posted by: Phil_Gray - 04-13-2017, 06:48 PM - Forum: The Silent Death Setting - Replies (1)


Will there be a follow up Night Brood source book to account for items like the Monarch/ Skree/ Vartak etc.?

Or will the first book be updated?



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  Moderator's Purge the Spammer Option...
Posted by: Karelian Suomi - 04-13-2017, 04:31 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

...is so much fun to use! Mwaahahahaaaaa!!! In two clicks I can both purge all posts from a single spammer AND delete their bogus profile entirely, AND ban them permanently!

Oh, what fun!  Cool

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  RIP Captain Apollo
Posted by: Stogie - 02-08-2017, 04:15 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Richard Hatch died today at the age of 71. Another scifi legend gone.  http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/ri...id=U220DHP

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