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SD:TNM Identities of the 1st Edition Ships

In response to popular request (ie., another devoted fan of Silent Death reminded me I needed to get this done!), I give you....

New Bottles for Old Wine: 
1st Edition Silent Death Minis and Their New Identities

Bat (1st ed. Pharsii II)
Black Widow (1st ed. Drakar)
Bulldog (1st ed. Spirit Rider)
Butcherbird (Cossack/1st ed. Nighthawk with better survivability)
Chupacabra (1st ed. Thunderbird)
Cossack (1st ed. Nighthawk see also Butcherbird)
Delta II (1st ed. Pit Viper)
Devastator (1sr ed Sorenson III)
Djinn (1st ed. Seraph)
Dominator (1st ed. Epping)
Jambiya (1st ed. Blizzard with torpedo launch tubes removed)
Mujahadeen (1st ed. Death Wind)
Mustang (1st ed. Hellbender)
Nautilus (1st ed. Kosmos)
Nemesis (1st ed. Betafortress).
Predator (1st ed. Star Raven)
Prowler (1st ed. Shryak Shuttle with wings removed)
Punisher (1st ed. Lance Electra)
Samurai (1st ed. Revenge)
Sapper (1st ed. Sentry)
Shark (1st ed. Glaive)
Shedu (1st ed. Teal Hawk)

Shrike (1st ed. Talon)
Stinger (1st ed. Dart)
Strata (1st ed. Salamander)
"Pathetic earthlings. Hurling your bodies out into the void, without the slightest inkling of who or what is out here..."

- Ming the Merciless

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