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Wingman Smash at GZG ECC XXI

I had a fairly successful smash on Sunday morning.
I took a few pics, but since the players tended to roll the same ships, there's lots of Spirit Riders, Pit Vipers, and Blood Hawks without a lot telling you who's who.
Beginning players form a slightly looser conga line of death.
Shark II seeking a noble death... and the other players aim to oblige him.

A couple more.
A dazed pilot... blood in the water.
A Blood Hawk II tries to pick the best target.
Two Darts (different players) chase a target.

Blood Hawks form a tight, classic conga line. (Player A, player B, player A)

Awesome! Thank you for sharing this! And I see that you used numbered markers to distinguish one from the other. I also appreciate your use of bright, bold colors, making it easier to see the game in action from a distance.

Another approach for identifying one ship from another easily is what I call the Flying Circus look. I'll paint up wing pairs or small groups for fast identification by using bright colors with each wing pair or group painted in a distinctive overall color, and then each receives a distinctive contrasting color covering the wing tips, vertical stabilizer(s), and so on. Decals also come in handy for embellishing the overall look, such as hull numbers, national insignia (ie., skulls for Colos, a mailed gauntlet for Luches, etc.).

Thank you again for this report!
"Pathetic earthlings. Hurling your bodies out into the void, without the slightest inkling of who or what is out here..."

- Ming the Merciless

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