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Behold, the Builder...

Not my own world per se, just my interpretation of the SD universe lore. Starting with a concept sketch based on the description of the builder species in Night Brood: First Contact. Having read the passage, with a pretty literal interpretation in mind, I expected it couldn't turn out much anything other than this- 
[Image: 01-3-stump-1.jpg]
Which, gets its lunch money stolen by these guys every day...
[Image: shining-1997-miniseries-jack-torrance-he...webber.jpg]
My limited imagination notwithstanding, I was determined to at least try to visualize this creature as best I could.
While researching ideas for some kind of 'trunk-like' creature, I came across Poltys illepidus: the tree trunk orb spider.
[Image: 88e5bea137bfd858b40423fccf9ad75e--scary-...stumps.jpg]
Fits the description with a creepy mobility option, so went off that form for anatomy...
This is my first sketch. Not quite the leg layout I imagined (its "feet" look too hoof-blunt maybe), but a good base to start with I guess.
[Image: FDsN1iF.png?1]
It could use some refinement maybe, and some other designs to compare to. Not sure the best approach for the leaf-like structures either- and I've looked at a few alien-plant designs. Next to figure out what the ship-building process looks like. The skeletal frames of gammas rising from glowing pink pools of 3D bio-printers, dripping translucent goo while a bio-mechanical arms- similar yet larger than any auto-manufacturing robots inserts pale larval hatchlings into the canopy modules?

Getting the ambiance of a large cave with atmospheric lighting is the challenge. I'm new at this and still learning as I go. I also only work on it when I'm burned out on other areas of the hobby. Adapting grub phases and making them look as nightmarish and unsettling as possible is also rolling around in my head. Less is more is my philosophy there... -much like the first Alien film. Chiaroscuro style with the creatures just lurking in the shadows of the space nearly obscured being the ideal.

I figured the builders could be more in the light. Is it unsettling enough? Does it need to be? Should make some more concepts with more legs/different colors/textures.
"Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc" -Roy Batty bastardizing William Blake


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