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RE: Latest From the Backnet…

Oh, good heavenly elliptical, spiral, and irregular galaxies, Batman! What an info-bomb -Stock Hibernators far and wide are emerging from their putrid cocoons for sure. My reactions:
Quote:Let us begin… with a FALL SALE!!!

Ha! I'm ready for this one this time! Even a bit earlier than I was expecting, but who's complaining? QVP, Kashmere, and at least one of those delicious kitbashed escorts are in my sights. To be truthful, I didn't fully appreciate the small scale of those warhounds until today. For some reason, I was under the impression they were larger than what they actually are. I mean that in a good way- I was thinking they were 'deodorant stick' large before, probably because of the grav-tanks you've done, but perhaps the inclusion of the bat ship for scale forced me to take a second look at the ships in relation to the hex stands and realize just how nicely to scale you modeled these in. Even with photos, I managed to misjudge their scale.

Quote:we have not been as completely idle on the Silent Death front as our radio silence these past months would indicate.

...not surprised in the slightest, it's just surreal to finally be approaching the event horizon of the next phase. The spaghettification of my impatience can't come soon enough.

Quote:Finally, we’d like to acknowledge some very devoted and talented fans of Silent Death who in the past year have jumped on board out of sheer love of this classic game to lend their time and talents to stoke the flames!

Indeed and seconded. Hearty thanks to all of you who have contributed both before and after the new web page. Lurk less, post more. It's a really nice feeling to engage. I wish I'd done so sooner.

Quote:Callsign: Karpav1 has...   ...master artist... etc

Thank you sincerely for the shout-out, and even though I often feel like this[Image: 6SooNng.png]
after submitting an article, I'm just having fun with it and hopefully my over the top goofiness doesn't tilt too many readers patience. I haven't settled into a style yet besides just being grammatically challenged and eccentrically overcompensating attempts at humor and enthusiasm.

Unrelated plug: go see Blade Runner 2049! -it's unnerving for a film of this quality to retrace the path of 'Dredd' (2012). While the upcoming 'Pacific Rim Uprising' might be a fine popcorn flick, 2049 is a film a league above. Support it.   

Quote:So don’t just sit there, space possums! Kick those tires and light those fires! It’s time to launch!

Spoiled for choice here: from Nasa engine tests to garage hot-rod compilations, the masterful sound design of Ben Burtt won out... (0:00-1:50)

"Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc" -Roy Batty bastardizing William Blake


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